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PU Flexible Court

PU Flexible Court

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CONIPUR PRO CLAY by CONICA is an all-year tennis court system certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The base layer is made of clay chippings, which are mixed with a special binder and then topped with clay sand. This system can be used both for outdoor and indoor courts.

Thanks to its compact and completely even surface, CONIPUR PRO CLAY guarantees outstanding and consistent playing characteristics, such as uniform sliding properties and consistent ball rebound behaviour. CONIPUR PRO CLAY is easy on the joints and reduces the risk of injury.

CONIPUR PRO CLAY can be used outdoors all year round and requires minimal maintenance effort – advantages that conventional sand courts cannot offer. Thanks to the excellent water permeability, the surface is quickly playable again after rainfall.

In addition, the system is perfectly suited for use indoors in tennis centres as our special technology allows the clay sand to keep the moisture on the surface for a longer time and therefore significantly reduces the development of dust.

The CONIPUR PRO CLAY tennis court system can be installed on existing sand, artificial turf or carpet floorings.

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