Breathable Running

Environmentally friendly adhesive bonding layer

Roll the foundation with environmentally friendly glue to increase adhesion to the ground

10 mm EPDM granule layer

The recommended glue-to-granule ratio for granular layers is 1:7, and the two are mixed well enough to be paved.

3 mm granular topcoat layer

The topcoat layer is recommended to use 1-3 EPDM granules, mixed with the runway topcoat, stirred well, and then sprayed with a topcoat sprayer.

delineation layer

Finally, according to the requirements for the use of the site, it is delineated with a special runway delineation paint.

Permeable Sports Field

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Breathable runway is a runway cushioning base layer made of high glue-containing single-component environmentally friendly glue mixed with new particles and laid by machinery, and the surface layer is made of anti-skid surface layer with polyurethane runway top coat and new EPDM rubber particles. The surface glue layer can form certain small holes, which can be hydrophobic and breathable.
Test Reports:

Passed EU testing and meets the testing standards of each country.

Use for:

multipurpose track and field, school, college and university sports, athletic tracks.