Our quality, environmental and health and safety policy is actively lived by each employee in every task as the fundamental basis for the CONICA corporate policy.

Using a systematic and continuous improvement process we always strive to:

Improve the quality of products and services

Reduce the consumption of natural resources

Avoid accidents

Exceed the expectations of our customers and improve their satisfaction

Therefore, CONICA reduces the consumption of natural resources as a preventative measure and minimizes the environmental effects by recycling and closing of material cycles to avoid waste. In addition, CONICA develops innovative products, e.g. with incorporated bio-based natural materials or with extended lifetime.

CONICA is committed to fully meet the applicable legal requirements from environmental and workplace safety law plus the internal site-related environmental targets and obligations through proactive actions.

The consistent implementation of our quality, environmental and health & safety policy through the involvement of each employee is the guarantee for sustainable growth and the success of our company. Our basic principle is to offer competitive products and services with high quality to our customers.

The management team ensures that each employee is aware of this policy.

Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency

CONICA AG is convinced of the need to stand up for sustainable climate protection.

By voluntarily declaring its adherence to the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency programme,

CONICA AG commits to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy

The Swiss Federal Government, cantons and private sector partners honor
the target agreement.